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Strong Relationships

Good public strategies are based on sound relationships and a working knowledge of government systems. At Farris Bobango Public Strategies (FBPS) we emphasize the value of both. We know how to design an effective plan that will win results. Our team has well established relationships with appointed and elected officials at all levels of government.

Serious Advocates

With offices in Nashville and Memphis, our statewide network of professionals has longstanding and proven relationships with government officials. FBPS draws on the wide experience of our members in offering our services to corporations, trade associations, universities, coalitions, businesses and others to help them seek administrative and legislative resolutions to their objectives. In addition, we have the ability to utilize our law firm, Farris Bobango PLC , when legal questions need to be answered.

Solid results

We are in the business to help our clients solve problems or reach new levels of success. We owe our success to no patent process. Every client dictates a new solution. We begin with objectives and conscientiously map out a plan to achieve them. Along the way, benchmarks and goals are identified so that we can effectively measure results and be accountable.

When you need smart expertise to guide you through the layers of government, call us.
We can help you achieve your personal or professional goals.

Knowledgable • Experienced • Dependable

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