Farris Bobango PLC - Business and Commercial Transactions

We provide a wide variety of services to our business clients from preparation of agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, obtaining financing and funding for business operations, and employee relations, to dissolution. We pursue and defend a range of commercial litigation and contract disputes including business and real estate purchase/sale agreements, vendor/customer agreements, construction and construction management agreements, employment and shareholder agreements, non-compete, non solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements for employers and employees.

Some of the transactional services we provide to our business clients include:

  • Documenting and advising clients in real estate purchase/sale contracts, commercial leasing, zoning and municipal matters including subdivisions, variances, special permits, and related appeals

  • Documenting construction and construction management contracts for builders, owners, and sub-contractors

  • Buying and selling businesses and business interests, including stock and asset purchases and sales, management and leveraged buyouts, and mergers; management of due diligence investigations from buyer and seller perspectives

  • Documenting software development and license agreements; Internet Service Provider hosting and customer agreements; software and hardware distribution, OEM & VAR re-seller agreements; hardware purchase and equipment lease agreements

  • Structuring and documenting clients’ choice of business entity: corporation, limited liability company, general or limited partnership, or joint venture

  • Developing alternative forms of ownership and management of the start-up entity, including: voting and non-voting common stock, convertible preferred stock, warrants and similar rights; and specialized LLC provisions

  • Drafting and reviewing employment, stock option, phantom stock, bonus and profit sharing agreements; employee nondisclosure, invention assignments, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements

  • Drafting and reviewing stockholder agreements, including cross-purchase, redemption, insurance-funded buyout, voting trusts

  • Drafting and reviewing license and royalty agreements (both patented and non-patented technologies); research and development agreements; employee confidentiality, invention and non-competition agreements; distribution, sales, manufacturing and joint venture agreements

  • Structuring and advising clients in businesses recapitalizations, redemptions, reorganizations, and business trust formation.

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